Short Fiction Round-Up #74

In April, I pulled back from social media and posted quite a few less stories than weekdays of the month, only ten (10). I also won’t be posting the first week or two of May because I will be mostly off all social media.
3:33 a.m. by Joelle Killian was published at Maudlin House in March.

Diabolical Plots published Re: Your Stone by Guan Un in April.

Duckie’s Revenge by Mar Vincent was published by hyphen punk.

Friday Flash Fiction published Self-Protection by Emma Burnett in April.

Small Wonders published
She Seeks a Home by Beth Cato in in March.

Irresponsibly Human by John Wiswell in March.

Apex Magazine published

Root Rot by Fargo Tbakhi in 2021.

The Toll of the Snack by Grace P. Fong in April.


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