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  • Website Update In Progress

    Website is currently being updated. Some pages may not work or look very good. All images are currently broken. – Oct 23, ’23

  • “W.F.A. #31” coming from Worlds of Possibility

    Announcement: Flash piece “W.F.A. #31”  My flash fiction piece, “W.F.A. #31” about a wish fulfillment agent having lunch ang granting wishes will be published by Worlds of Possibility. I do not have a publication date yet, but I will be sure to send a newsletter email when it is announced. In the meantime, be sure…

  • Anthology Release date!

    “A Dress of Flowers” now available in e-book and trade paperback! If you pre-ordered, thank you! Today you can order your ebook and trade paperback for immediate release!Kindle, Barnes & Noble, or the ZNB Online Store Ebook.

  • “Submerged” available at Manawaker Studios Flash Fiction Podcast

    “Submerged” is now available in audio via the Manawaker Studios Flash Fiction Podcast! This is the first audio production of my work and I’m so thrilled! Visit Manawker Studios or subscribe via your favorite podcatcher.

  • Short Fiction Round-Up #74

    In April, I pulled back from social media and posted quite a few less stories than weekdays of the month, only ten (10). I also won’t be posting the first week or two of May because I will be mostly off all social media. 3:33 a.m. by Joelle Killian was published at Maudlin House in March.…

  • 2023 Goal Update #1

    It’s been 4 months… I write goal and goal update posts for transparency. Many writers don’t want to share how much they are or are not writing, submitting, querying, etc. I strongly suggest you find yourelf a small writing group with goals similar to yours – whether it be short fiction or novels, indie publishing…

  • A Word on Social Media

    In short, I’m taking a break. In September 2019, I stumbled off all social media. It wasn’t a planned act. I just stopped visiting any of my social media sites and stopped playing online/mobile games. Instead, I started writing. It was amazing how much time freed up when I stopped looking at or trying to…

  • 2022 Awards Eligibility Post

    I have only one story out this year eligible for awards.Please consider “A Dress of Flowers” published by ZNB Presents at their Patreon on November 15, 2022 and upcoming in print anthology.

  • 2021 Awards Eligibility Post!

     My first published story came out in March this year, and this is my first awards eligibility post. I have two pieces of flash published in 2021. Thank you for reading my stories! Submerged – Horror or Speculative Fiction – Wyldblood Flash – flash – March 19, 2021 ​Gnashing Teeth from the Deep and the Children…

  • Pitch Events or Pitch Parties

    #PitMad When I decided to get on Twitter in August 2020 in preparation for querying my SFF novel, I immediately learned of #PitMad, a pitch event or pitch party where writers post tweets trying to entice agents to request their queries. You can learn all about PitMad, the rules and intentions at the Pitch Wars…