Reading Reflection

Good news first! I’ve already met my 2023 reading goal!

I did meet my reading goal of 15 books in 2022 because my reading slump that started in 2020 finally ended last September. It feels so good to meet my goal half-way into the year. (This was completed as of June 23!)

Year-to-date Stats

I don’t know how to make StoryGraph only give me stats for 3 months (only one or all of a year.) So this includes my first quarter reads as well. 
The pie graph says I’ve been reading adventurous, emotional, and dark stories the most. This is spoilers for my two favorite reads this quarter.
This year I’m primarily a Fantasy reader with a large amount of LGBTQIA* rep. Young Adult (which I write and therefore read) and Science Fiction follow those up.
The spikes in the third month of each quarter intrigues me. I’m not sure why I read more books in those months. Here’s to another 24 books!

Favorite Reads of the 2nd Quarter 2023

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