Reading Reflection for 2nd Quarter 2024

We are half-way through the year and it’s time to update my novel-length reading goals. After coming out of a long reading slump, I kept my goal something I could increase as a goal from last year, but reachable if I fell off my numbers from last year.

So far, I’ve read 23 books this year and am ahead of my goal by 5 books, 64% of the way to my goal of 36.

What did I read?

I read eleven (11) books in the 2nd quarter of 2024 for a total of 4,371 pages. The contents of those pages is summed in the charts below, as created with The StoryGraph.

Most of the books I read were adventurous (7), about half were dark (6), one-third were emotional (4), and a quarter were mysterious (3). One or two books I read were also considered informative, challenging, tense, sad, and/or funny.

My most-read genre this quarter was Fantasy, followed by books classified as LGBTQIA+ and YA. I also managed to read a couple of classics, science fiction, and historical. Most of the books I read will be genre-blends and fall into several categories.

This quarter, I did not read any author more than once. Sometimes I go on author binges and sometimes I space them out.

Best Books of the Quarter

I only rated two (2) books with 5-stars this quarter, both of which were quite early in the quarter.

Because of the tardiness of the first quarter update, Jenny Kiefer’s This Wretched Valley gets is second mention. This 2024 debut has outstanding trade reviews and I hope will get awards next year.

This Wretched Valley by Jenny Kiefer

Vajra Chandrasekera’s The Saint of Bright Doors has won multiple awards this year. I loved it! It’s his debut novel, published in 2023.

The Saint of Bright Doors by Vajra Chandrasekera


My next Reading Reflection is due at the beginning of October. Once again, I’m front-loading my reading and the book that’s in-progress right now will be called out as a 5-star review. This one I managed to get an ARC for!

Curious about my reading in past years? I have blog posts for that!

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