Reading Reflection 2021


On New Year’s Day 2021, I posted what I thought were reasonable goals for my reading. They turned out to be overly ambitious.

  • I lost my login to Storygraph.
  • My reading rate dropped drastically. The 2018 – 50 books, 2019 – 100 books, 2020 – 30-40 books trend did not hold and I did not read 36 books – a plan of a fun book, a writing craft book, and a third category book. 
  • I did not read enough to give a “favorite” book of the month after the first couple months.
  • The recorded books didn’t count the reads of unpublished work.
  • I read a ton of short work this year. Some weeks I really do post everything I read. But most weeks I read 2-5 times as many stories as I post.

I’m going to try again for 2022. Goodreads wants me to read just even one book a month. I might take them up on that. But my reading goals are going to be much more flexible this year.
I need to write. Unfortunately, my reading time and writing time heavily overlap.
Thankfully, I’ve found my login to The Storygraph, so I can try to make fun graphs for you in the future!

2022 Goals

I will include unpublished work in my book counts but I need to figure out how to remember them. But I will aim to read at least one published book a month as well.
I will post a quarterly reading reflection. 
This wraps up my disappointing reading reflection for the year 2021 and my vague reading goals for 2022. 

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