Quarter 3 of 2022 Reads

First Time for Everything

This is my first quarterly reading update, despite making a goal to have these each quarter in 2022. That’s because I read about three published books along with several beta reads prior to August 2022. I’ve been struggling to read for most of 2021 and 2022.

Audiobooks and novellas save the day!

I have no idea why, but I asked a group of avid readers about the best audiobooks a couple of weeks ago. Reading print is still a struggle for me. The only published book I’ve read in print for most of the year was Where the Drowned Girls Go by Seanan McGuire on a plane flight to go to a close relative’s funeral this summer. That book is a) written by one of my favorite authors, b) filled with characters I already know from a series, and c) short.
And if I may make a confession, I hear that title sung in the same cadence as “Where the Down Boys Go,” which both dates me and tells you some of the music I listened to in my formative years.

My group made suggestions and I cross-referenced them with books already on my wishlist. One was All Systems Red by Martha Wells. I already owned both a physical copy and an e-book copy and had yet to read it. I thoroughly enjoyed Keven R. Free’s rendering of the story and the story itself.

Okay, you may see a trend here, of novellas that are also Hugo and Nebula Award winners or part of a series that is. Sometimes when in a reading funk, you have to go with what you know is good and easy.

I’m pleased to say that in the past ten days, I’ve completed four published books. In June, I read two books, and a single book in February. This doesn’t count beta reads and critiques (on which I’m constantly behind my promised timelines.) This doesn’t count short stories, of which I read 20-100 monthly. 

As of the writing of this post, I’m reading the third Murderbot Diary novella. I’m interspersing them between longer reads as pieces of candy. Hopefully, this reading streak will continue. I’d had high hopes after reading Beowulf A Translation by Maria Headley, but they were for naught. 

That’s my 2022 Quarter 3 reading update. Do you have some excellent audiobooks to recommend?

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