February 2021 Book Reads

I have two books I read in February. I’ll admit that I am struggling to read at all and am not making my reading goals. 

My writerly read this month was Business Essentials for Writers by Jim Nettles. This book will be helpful for anybody who plans to make a living writing stories and books. It tells you where traditional publishing falls short and where you will need to pick up the slack. It tells you what you need to invest in as a self-published author. It isn’t a read-straight-through book, other than to glean what information it has. It is a reference book.

My fun-read this month was The Unbroken by C.L. Clark. I was lucky enough to get an advanced reader e-copy. I haven’t quite finished it yet as my fun-reading is slow lately. 
I have been reading unpublished work by several writers, and I can’t wait until I can put them on my “what I read” posts for you to also enjoy.

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