Writer in Motion Week 4 – Final – In the Country of Shadow

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For those just joining me, this summer I participated in the Writer in Motion program
​In Week 0, we were given a prompt to reflect upon.
In Week 1, we posted our inital, rough, unedited drafts.
In Week 2, we posted our self-edited drafts.
In Week 3, we posted edited stories after receiving feedback from assigned critique partners also participating in the progam.
During Week 4, we received feedback from a professional editor. I was paired with Justin Manzano, who provided helpful feedback in both line edits and a short edit letter. 

I cannot thank my critique partners and editor enough for their feedback in helping me clarify the story, and for correcting that spelling error and line edits.

Below is my final version of In the Country of Shadow.

Picture of a person in a black hoodie, smoke obscuring his face, his hand holding the smoke in

In the Country of Shadow

[Removed for Submission Purposes]

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