Writer in Motion Week 3 – CP edits!

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What is Writer in Motion?

  • We were given a prompt at Week 0. The goal: to write a 1000-word story, showing our process along the way.
  • ​We posted our initial, rough, unedited drafts for Week 1.
  • Then we revealed our editing processes and posted self-edited drafts for Week 2. Spoilers: my story changed quite a bit from week 1 to week 2.

You can read some of the other self-edited stories at the Writer in Motion blog.

Now on…

Week 3 we were assigned a small group of critique partners – other writers participating in Writer in Motion. We read and critique each other’s stories. I was paired with Erin, Anthony, and Linda. Their stories were so much fun to read and their feedback helped me shape my story into more of a story, something more coherent, (and correct spellings!) and gave me a little bit of confidence that I was missing during this process. 

There’s still more…

My process with CP feedback is to usually receive it, read it, let it sit a few days, and then work through it. I received all my feedback with time to do all that, except my own time management and ability to wrangle tenses eluded my alloted time I’d reserved to work on it. The tenses are still giving me trouble, and I’ll need to make sure I get quiet time to tame them for next week.

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