Writer in Motion Week 0

Based on the enthusiasm author Erin Fulmer showed for the Writer in Motion project, I joined up during their registration period. 
What is Writer in Motion? It’s an opportunity to participate in short story creation and share your journey from draft to polished story via your writer’s blog and the Writer in Motion forum. Additionally, the writer is matched up with critique partners (CP) and potentially a professional editor. 
Updates will be given weekly per the Writer in Motion timeline.
Image of a turtle with a mossy back nearly submerged in ocean water. In writing: Writing in Motion Summer 2021. June 25: Registration opns for marginalized writers July 2: Registration opens for all writers July 9: Prompt revealed July 16: Week 1-First Draft July 23: Week 2-Self Edit July 30: Week 3-CP Edit August 6: Week 4-Editor Edit August 13: Wrap up

Writer in Motion Summer 2021 Schedule

July 9: Prompt Revealed

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