Weekly Short Fiction Round-Up #9

I discovered at the writing of this blog that some of the stories I’ve been promoting have broken links due to one publisher moving to a new hosting platform and improper address forwarding. I have been able to find all the stories simply by web searching the publisher and the story title. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to keep up with my weekly posts and am unable to go back and correct the broken links at this time. If I get some time to clean things up, I will fix this.
Additionally, it appears stories that were not behind a paywall now reside on a paid-hosting. I apologize for this. I’m trying to send people to read stories that are available and don’t requiring paying subscription fees to hosting sites. I don’t mind sending people to author Patreon’s or Publishers since money flows to the author that way. 
I hope you are able to access and enjoy this week’s selection of stories.

Lost in Translation by Matt Cowan at The Arcanist is a three-minute read. 

Lunch Ticket published Practical Knowledge by Bill Gaythwaite.

I find myself posting stories by the same authors over and over. By now it should be clear that I enjoy Aeryn Rudel’s work. Here’s Do Me a Favor, a five-minute read at The Arcanist.

Restless Dreams of Silence by Wendra Chambers at Lunch Ticket.

The Arcanist published The Affair by M. Luke McDonell, a three-minute read.

Notes from My Hong Kong Travel Journal: Sightseeing with a Silver Comb by Priyanka Sacheti is one of Lunch Ticket’s shorter reads.

The final story this week is a five-minute read at The Arcanist, Cold Cuts by Rob Francis.

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