Weekly Short Fiction Round-Up #32

Seven more stories this week! Some weeks almost have a theme, which is honestly unintended. I notice there are several quite dark stories in this week’s selection. Most of these sites will have content warnings, so please protect yourself. Some days these stories work for me and some days they won’t. 

Spoken Like Tongues by Chloe N. Clark was published in 2018 by MoonPark Review. 

Translunar Traverlers Lounge published The Little Chouxmaker and the Elvis by Mike Reeves-McMillan in 2020.

Beethoven for Chinese New Year by Morgan Song was published by Lunch Ticket in 2019.

The Deadlands published Shuck by G.V. Anderson in June.

Fisherman’s Soup by Kristina Ten was published in May by Mermaids Monthly.

The Cabinet of Heed published One Box of Earth by Sarah Jackson in July.

Fut-R-Sight by Susan Meyer is a 4-minute read published by The Arcanist in April.

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