Weekly Short Fiction Round-Up #31

I hope you’re enjoying the extra blog posts about Writer in Motion lately. I still may not have a bbok post this week because I’ve been reading not-yet published work as a beta reader. However, I still have your weekly short fiction round-up.

Never Quiet Again by Jess Zimmerman was published by Catapult in 2017.

Giganotosaurus published Just Enough Rain by P.H. Lee in May.

DP Fiction #55A: “Empathy Bee” by Forrest Brazeal was published by Diabolical Plots in 2019.

Mending Broken Toys by Deborah L. Davitt was published by The Arcanist in February.

Fireside Fiction published Ren of the Thousand Faces by M. Elizabeth Ticknor in May.

Safe as Houses by Avra Margariti was published by Daily Science Fiction in May.

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