Weekly Short Fiction Round-Up #29

I’m excited about this week’s short fiction round-up. I have seven stories for you again. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

The Census Faces Unusal Challenges on Audvarn-3 by Jo Miles is a 1010 word story, about five minute read, published by Fireside Fiction in May.

The Arcanist published Strands of Our Tomorrows by Melanie Harding-Shaw in 2019, another five minute read.

My Thursday Morning Walk, One Week Later by Emma Louise Gill was published by The Write-In on National Flash Fiction Day 2021. I happen to know Emma Louise Gill through a writers group. 

Ember by Anjali Patel was published this month by Flash Fiction Online. I had the opportunity to read an earlier draft of this story through a writers critique group and I love it.

Flash Fiction Online published My Lakeside Graveyard by Peter S. Drang in May.

Take Pills and Wait for Hips by Anya DeNiro was published by Catapult in 2018.

Image by ​Harriet Lee-Merrion.

GigaNotosaurus published The Enchanted Gardener by Jessica Yang in June.

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