Weekly Short Fiction Round-Up #27

Seven more awesome stories this week.
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Blood in the Thread by Cheri Kamei was published in May at Tor.com. 

Art copyright © 2021 by Reiko Murakami

The Deadlands is a new magazine. They published You Always Were a Morbid Child by Amanda Downum in their first issue in May.

Our Fate, Told in Photons by K.W. Colyard published in June in Clarkesworld, a 3775 word story.

The Arcanist published A Glass Darkly by Michael McCormick in January, a 5-minute read.

Lesser Things by E.J. Sidle was published by Fireside Fiction in April. At 2823 words, it is approximately a 14-minute read.

Daily Science Fiction published Shadows on a brick wall by Tais Teng in April.

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