Weekly Short Fiction Round-up #24

This week was a pretty standard weak, as far as things go. I have seven stories you might enjoy. I was recently reading someone’s May SFF short story round-up. She covered a few stories, but there are so many SFF and spec fic stories published each moth that a few for a month seems far too few. She also gave a little summary of each. Some of the stories I post are flash, my summaries would be the legnth of the story. I also often read the stories and then decide when to post them much later. This means that I don’t always remember exactly why I decided to put it in the share pile, just that I did. For now, I will continue to share with no context other than it is something I enjoyed. And I tend to write things I enjoy. Therefore, if you like these stories, you might like what I write. And if you like my stories, you might like these.

PodCastle published Rewind by Josh Roundtree in March. It is a 25-minute listen.

PseudoPod published To Witness by Luciano Marano in May. It is also a 30-minte listen.

Migrations by Tatiana Garmendia was published by Lunch Ticket published in Winter/Spring 2019.

Diabolical Plots published Three Riddles and a Mid-Sized Sedan by Lauren Ring in May. Note that I know Lauren through a Writing Discord.

This is Just Another Yarn by Ann Walters was published by Smokelong Quarterly in March 2007.

Going back to 1999, Nature Futures published COMP.BASILISK.FAQ by David Langford.

MoonPark Review published Business as Usual by Gaynor Jones in 2018.

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