Weekly Short Fiction Round-up #23

This week I posted six short stories, skipping Thursday when I participated in #PitMad, which I blogged about here. 

John Wiswell won a Nebula this weekend for a story in Diabolical Plots. I adored his story from March in Fireside Fiction called We Are Not Phoenixes. At 817 words, it is only a 4-minute read. 

A Tricky Leak by Patrick Hurley published in December 2019 at The Arcanist. It is a 5-minute read.

Cast of Wonders published Little Wonders – Metaphors and Allegories, which included Three Monsters That Are Not Metaphors by Dani Atkinson and This Is Not My Adventure by Karlo Yeager Rodríguez in April of this year.

Wings by Vanessa Fogg was published by Translunar Travelers Lounge in August 2019.

In April, Mermaids Monthly published After Atlantis by Lorraine Schein, a poem – one of the first poems I’ve posted.

The Heron-Girl by Mari Ness was published by Baffling Magazine in April.

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