Weekly Short Fiction Round-Up #21

This week I have seven more short stories for your enjoyment. 

Infinite Tiny Lives, Infinitly Small by Shane Halbach was published in April 2021 by Flash Fiction Online.

The Arcanist published Dance Dance Necromance by EJ Sidle in February 2020.

Listening to it Rain by A.A. McNamara was published by Fireside Fiction in September 2013.

Daily Science Fiction published The Telepath’s Reading Material by Malai N Escamilla in April 2021. 

The Undersea Crossing Guard by Kris Herndon and Lorraine Schein is an Each-to-Each publihed by Mermaids Monthly in April 2021.

MoonPark Review published Rain Must Fall by Aimee Parkinson and Meg Pokrass in Spring 2021.

Art by Lesley C. Weston.

Duppy by Bendi Barrett was published by Baffling Magazine in April 2021.

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