Weekly Short Fiction Round-Up #20

This week I’ve got seven short stories for you, in case you missed them on Twitter or Facebook. I try to give you different magazines and websites to visit every week. Hopefully you read entire issues when one of these stories sparks your interest. 

I’ll start with two from Daily Science Fiction. I’ve never read back through their archives, so you only get a few stories starting in 2020 or so that strike me.

Things Remembered at Thirty Thousand Feet Above Sea Level by Lauren Ring is a story featuring “kaiju + mount everest + alzheimers.” Lauren is a member of Cat Rambo’s Discord for Writers. 

Neon by Marcus Vance

Telecorp by Kelly Kurtzhals Geiger is a 5 minute read at The Arcanist.

My Mother’s Hand by Dante Luiz is published by Constelación Magazine. I encourage you to go subscribe to the magazine or to their patreon. 

MoonPark Review published Ink Drinker by Bethany Holmstrom

​Art by Lesley C. Weston.

Rhapsody in Blue Shift by Stephen Blackmoore is published by Fireside Fiction.

Art by Galen Dara.

The final story for this week is The Coral Fairy by Lorraine Schein

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