“Weekly” Short Fiction Round-Up #2

With my goal to catch you up to the short fiction I’ve been reading, here’s the second round-up with ten stories for your reading enjoyment. Fewer of these stories had associated artwork than yesterday’s post. Most of these stories are under 1000 words.

Apex Magazine published Super Duper Fly by Maurice Broaddus. This is a 16 minute read with 4297 words.

This is a creepy story, but a good read over at Every Day Fiction, Darren is Updating His Facebook Status by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley.

Merida, Yucatan: 2060 by Jewelle Gomez is published by Baffling Magazine.

Fantasy Magazine published If These Walls Whispered What Would We Hear? by Aynjel Kaye, a 735 word read. This very short read is absolutely amazing. 

Smitten by Nicholas Lee Huff published by Every Day Fiction.

Diabolical Plots published DP FICTION #68A: “A Complete Transcript of [REDACTED]’s Video Channel, In Order of Upload” by Rhiannon Rasmussen, an absolutely chilling, non-traditional style story.


Forest Elegy by Despy Boutris published by CRAFT is a single paragraph story.

Wigleaf published Parallels by Ellen Rhudy.

My Uncle’s Legacy by Krishan Coupland at Daily Science Fiction is a short, three-paragraph story.

My final entry for this post is from Flash Fiction Magazine. Faded by Lindsay Bamfield

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