Weekly Short Fiction Round-Up #19

This week I have seven stories for you mostly from 2019 and 2021, and a single story from 2012.

Small Evil by Aeryn Rudel was published by The Arcanist in 2019, and is a 5-minute read.

Constelación Magazine published The Excruciating Beauty of Ephemera by Keyan Bowes in 2021, and is 939 words.

Economic Principles of the Zombie Apocalypse by Wendy Nikel was published by Daily Science Fiction in 2021.

Fireside Fiction published Scarred by Damien Walters in 2012.

​Image by Galen Dara.

Translunar Travelers Lounge published Dear Sir, by Kaolin Fire in 2019.

Earl Grey by Jae Steinbacher was published by Baffling Magazine in 2021.

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