Weekly Short Fiction Round-up #18

This week I have seven stories published since 2013 and another personal essay.

Skinned Knees by R.D. Sullivan was published at Fireside Fiction in October 2013.

How to Eat a Mermaid by K. Garcia Ley was published at Mermaids Monthly in March 2021.

Til Human Voices Wake Us by Jennifer Hudak was published at Mermaids Monthly in March 2021.

Heavenly Body by Avra Margariti was published at The Arcanist, a 4-minute read.

Kaleidoscope by Silvia Morena-Garcia was published by Constelación Magazine, available on their website in April 2021, 912 words.

Daily Science Fiction published The Shepherd by Lynne Lumsden Green.

Fireside Fiction published The Heart of the Story by Kat Howard in July 2012.

In 2019, Elsa Sjunneson wrote a personal essay, Rubella gave me a disability. This is my message to anti-vaxxers at CNN, regarding vaccines and her disability. Vaccination is always important. In the current situation of covid-19 and the push to vaccinate, this essay is even more important.

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