Weekly Short Fiction Round-Up #15

I’ve got seven stories for your reading pleasure this week!

The Dog and Pony Show by Piper is published at Luna Station Quarterly. I happen to know Piper through a Cat Rambo’s Discord Group. 

The Arcanist published a 5-minute read, Two Minutes in Hell by Frances Pauli.

The Modern Witch’s Recipe for Enemy Pie by Elizabeth Cobbe is published at Daily Science Fiction. 

Fireside Fiction published Diamonds and Pearls by JL George, a 13-minute read.

From Witch to Queen and God by L.D. Lewis was published in Issue 1 of Mermaids Monthly.

The Arcanist published Red Velvet in Black Charcoal by Maura Yzmore, a 5-minute read.

I Can Be a Hero Too by Carol Scheina is published at Daily Science Fiction.

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