Weekly Short Fiction Round-up #13

Last week I missed my own story.
SUBMERGED published at Wyld Flash.

I have seven more stories to share with you this week. Enjoy!

A-B-A by Nicholas T. Brown is a long read at Lunch Ticket.

Smokelong Quarterly published a piece of flash called The Natural Order by Barbara Jacksha.

Smokelong Quarterly published Private Services by Dianna Forrester.

Art by Malina.

The Apprentice by Wayne Martin is a 4-minute read published at The Arcanist.

Lunch Ticket published The Fur of My Insecurities by Ursula Villarreal-Moura, a piece of flash.

In Which My Pet Dino (3 micros) by JC Reilly is published at Moonpark Review.

​Art by Anita Stotler.

The Arcanist published Closet, Cat, Monster by Janessa Mulepati, a 5-minute read.

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