Weekly Short Fiction Round Up #12

I have seven stories to share with you this week. 

Our Mortal Undressing by Hamilton Perez is a Rated R 25-minute listen and/or a read at Podcastle.

The Arcanist published The Invention of Time Travel by A.J. Brennan, a 5-minute read.

Take a 23-minute listen or read The Witches of Athens by Lara Elena Donnelly at Cast of Wonders.

The Fine Print by Art Lasky is a 4-minute read published at The Arcanist.

Ray Daley’s Lost Souls is at Daily Science Fiction.

The Arcanist published the 4-minute read Conjure By Numbers by Caias Ward.

Under the Veil by Clio Valentza is published at MoonPark Review.

I have a couple different goals with sharing weekly short reads with you.
One is that when you read the things I like to read or want to share, you’ll get an idea of what sorts of stories you might expect from me as a writer. I’m submitting flash and short stories (and hopefully can make some announcements soon) and I’m working on my novels (a few are written and are in various revision and submission stages.) 
Another goal is to promote underrepresented writers. If you have a story or know of a story written by an author that you want me to read, please send me a link. I will read it. I only post what I like or have some connection to, so there’s no guarantee it will be tweeted or posted on my blog. But I’m always open to reading!

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