Short Story Round-Up #87

I suggested twenty (20) short stories and poems in the month of June on BlueSky and Wandering Shop on Mastodon. Five of them were suggested on my TikTok as well. If you want to see one every day, follow me at those places. Please enjoy these stories!

Inner Worlds published:

The Memory, by Hussain Ayoub in February.
This story takes you along for the ride and it is a difficult one.

Inconvenient Anxiety Fish, by Priya Sridhar in June.
What if our anxieties were visible to us?

Smalls the Wonder, by Cindy Phan in February.
A story of a dying mall. I have one of these in my hometown and this is a take on it that I found specific and enjoyed.

Death of a Thousand Papercuts, by Avra Margariti in February.
A story about health and judgement and consequences.

The Deadlands published:

The Clockmaker, by Marc Joan in their Spring issue.
Is it always time?

Intersections of grief, by Diana Dima in their Spring issue.
The format of this poem is twisty.

When the Sounds of Fallen Patriots Break into the Wind, I Will Play Dead, by Olalekan Daniel Kehinde in their Spring issue.
A poem of war and being a soldier, which reminds me of The Soldier’s Lament.

doorbell dot mov, by Jennifer R. Donohue in their Spring issue.
A story about grief and loss, both fresh and old and what happens when it circles round again.

I Am Fire by Y.M. Resnik was published at Interstellar Flight Press in June.
A great story for Pride Month, for those of us who figured out things later in life, who became ourselves after 35.

Baubles from Bones published Bert by Camden Rose in May.
A story of growing up, feeling between, and finding your people

Wyldblood Flash Fiction Fortnightly published:

Canary Glass by Sarah Jackson in May.
A monster story not quite like the others.

Rose Loaded Gun by Akis Linardos in May.
The voice in this is fantastic! A dystopian setting and making sure this next relationship doesn’t fail.

Small Wonders published:

Celestial Bodies by Mar Vincent in May.
I loved the voice of this story about body changes at a certain age.

Music of the Seraphim by Angel Leal in May.
A poem of angels not answering prayers.

What You Sow by Holly Schofield in May.
A story about maturing, self-acceptance, and if our hair were flowers.

Lucky Rabbit by Dana Bentley was published at Crepuscular Magazine in April.
“The animals in this zoo don’t eat each other.” An absolutely amazing concept and I loved the story. Despite being on patreon, it is free to read.

Diabolical Plots published This Week in Clinical Dance: Urgent Care at the Hastings Center by Lauren Ring in June.
An accurate depiction of navigating the US healthcare system.

Intertwined by Anne Wilkins was published at Apex Books and Magazine in May.
I loved the living tattoos in this peice. This may be behind a paywall.

Uncanny Magazine published Five Answers to Questions You Probably Have by John Wisell in May.
A story about a parent and his child, and the words said and tried to be taken back.

Punch Flavored Punch by Yelena Crane was published at Stupefying Stories in June.
What are rules for, if not for breaking?

Another great month of stories suggested and another great month to come! Also, coming up this month will be my bimonthly newsletter. Go subscribe for only a few suggested stories if every day or a month-full blog post is too much of a deluge. I suggest 5-7 stories for the previous two months in each newsletter.

If you’re enjoying these stories, please read more in the magazine you find yourself. Many have archives online. And if you enjoy those, consider supporting and subscribing to those magazines! Short fiction needs you to help it stay alive!

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