Short Story Round-Up #84

In March, I suggested a story every weekday on Wandering Shop and BlueSky for a total of twenty-one (21) poems and stories. Unfortunately some stories I posted have already disappeared off the internet and won’t be in this round-up.

A Wedding by Sarcasm Lemons from Santa’s Secret Pen ’21
A bird delivers an unexpected message.

IFP published Lilt and Luster Spring Newsletter by Susan Taitel in March.
This is an absolutely engaging flash with so many nuggets of worldbuilding!

The Deadlands published:

There’s a Door to the Land of the Dead in the Land of the Dead by Sarah Pinsker in 2023.
A story about companions and the land of the dead.

Death Is a Diner at 3:00 a.m. by A.C. Wise in 2023.
The first paragraph is *chef’s kiss* and it gets better from there.

Questions and Answers by Zaynab Iliyasu Bobi in 2023.
Questions of death.

Persephone Takes Up the Garnets, by Ursula Whitcher in 2023.
A poem, and I’m a sucker for illusions like this.

Small Wonders published:

A Glass Darkly by Micháel McCormick at Small Wonders in 2023.
A girl meets a brujo who takes something from her and a boy named Dan.

Your Good Neighbor by Taylor Currey in 2023.
How do you deal with the fair folk?

A List of Sharp Things I’ve Held in My Mouth by J. Kosakowski in February.
What a list it is!

Grandmother Firebird by Dawn Vogel in February.
A story of a phoenix and the family that loves her.

No Matter Which Way We Turned by Brian Evenson was published at People Holding in 2017.
A weird horror story about a girl with no face. h/t to the FFO Weird Horror call that lists this under what they like.

Apex published:

A Ring Around by Lyndsey Croal in January.
This one might be behind a paywall. A story of love and failure.

The Ghost Tenders of Chornobyl by Nika Murphy in March.
A story of war.

Crepuscular published:

(Despite being on Patreon, these stories are not behind a paywall.)

A Name Like A Glove by Léon Othenin-Girard at in January.
Dancing with ghosts.

Death Bloom by Dana Vickerson in 2023.
A story and image of death and motherhood.

Medusa’s Last Love by Kai Delmas in 2023.
Still a sucker for stories like this.

Willow by G. Ekman in 2021 at Wyldblood Flash Fridays.
A story of love and loss among trees.

Love Sharp Enough to Rend by Leah Ning was published at The Dark in 2023.
A story of a lamia and the making of a lamia.

Bourbon Penn published The Lightbulb Cannot Be Changed by Sasha Brown in March.
A story of optimism.

The Meter’s Jammed, So I Left You Some Quarters by Monica Louzon was published at Scrawl Place in March.
A haunting story about a place you may have visited.

Friday Flash Fiction published Honey for the Bees, by Dorian J. Sinnott in March.
A drabble about layers covered in honey.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these poems and stories. Please consider supporting these magazines and others. Many have subscriptions, patreons, or donation paths.

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