Short Story Round-Up #83

February was off to a rocky start with my planned story on the first day of the month leading to a dead website. But I still posted twenty (20) stories I hope you’ll read.

Wyldblood Press Flash Fridays published:

An Itemized List of Charitable Contributions by Addison Smith in 2022
a story of heartbreak and love

In the City of Chuckling Roses by Tara Campbell in 2022
Oh, I loved how sweet this is until it isn’t and how painful it is and how …

Cameo by Eilidh Spence in 2021
A little flash about a cameo brooch

The Dragon Hunter by Liam Hogan in 2021
A dragon hunter is looking for the last of the dragons

Within These Walls by Natalie Burrows in 2021.
How do we know how others feel?

Wolves by Lisa Short was published at Interstellar Flight Magazine in February.
There are 3 kinds of wolves on the prairie. You might already know, but then again, you might not.

The Deadlands published:

Song of the Last Hour by Samuel A. Betiku in 2023
a poem that is so sweet and sad

Disrespectfully by Beatrice Winifred Iker in 2023
An intense poem about death

Things We Did by the Windmill by Katie McIvor in 2023.
A love story about a ghost and what comes from that love

Place of Four Winds by Gabriel Mara in 2023.
The writing is beautiful and the story and twist are not what I expected

The Fleeting Life of an Antibody Bot by Madeehah Reza was published at All Worlds Wayfarer in 2023.
This is an amazing concept and a wild ride of a story. CW drug overdose and death h/t Sarah Jackson for pointing me to it.

Small Wonders published:

Five Functions of Your Bionosaur by Rachael K. Jones in 2023 as a reprint.
Another story that made my eyes hot.

Choosing by Susan Taitel in 2023 as a reprint.
A reimagining of a story about a bride, a prince, and a mermaid.

Incense by Megan Chee in 2023 as a reprint.
A creepy story about someone who take stories

Cake By the Ocean by Lindz McLeod in 2023 as a reprint.
Lots of cakes by the ocean

Chiripas by José González Vargas was published at Fireside Fiction in 2019.
This story has elements of prescience about the last 4 years that is unnerving.

Speculative City published:

Dawn Colored Night by Donyae Coles in 2019.
When the spirits are called to help, and they won’t leave after, what do you do?

In a Tide of Blood by Lindsay King-Miller in 2019
How are sirens made?

Translunar Travelers Lounge published Deli and the Glamcake Breakout by Amanda Saville in February.
When cakes find each other, what are their bakers to do?

The Geist and/in/as the Boltzmann Brain by M. J. Pettit was published at Diabolical Plots in 2024.
A story reflecting on existence.

I hope you enjoy these stories. Every first Monday of the month, I round up the stories I suggest on social media during the previous month here on the blog. In my Newsletter, I highlight a few of my absolute favorites from the previous couple of months.

Short fiction costs a lot to publish and is often free to read. Most of the stories I suggest are free to read on the websites. Please consider supporting a magazine or two through subscription or other ways.

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