Short Story Round-Up #82

The first month of 2024 is complete! Time flew by! I’ll admit, I pre-scheduled 3 weeks worth of stories at once due to planned travel abroad. If you follow me on Bluesky, along with the daily suggested stories, you’ll find a photo of me with Himeji Castle.

Photo of the author wearing a blue hat and black London Fog with green dangly earrings against the Himeji Caslte in white with a cloudy blue sky.
What the heck, here’s my photo with Himeji Castle.

Oh my goodness that is big. Next lesson, learn how to make images something reasonable on WordPress. Enough about me, onto the twenty-three (23) stories I suggested reading in January. Again, I’ve been reading my backlog of a few markets. You’ll be able to tell which.

The Deadlands published:

The Watchers in the Stairwell by Emily Henry Burnham in 2022
This ghost story had a twist I didn’t expect.

Harvest of Bones by Eugenia Triantafyllou in 2022
A story about passing duties by generation.

Semblance by Olaitan Humble in 2023
A beautiful poem.

flood fish/pumpkin moon by Grace Cahill in 2023
A poem about pumpkins.

Amma’s Kitchen by Rati Mehrotra in 2023
A story about a diner for the afterlife and service in the diner, so touching!

Small Wonders published:

How My Sister Talked Me Into Necromancy During Quarantine by Rachael K. Jones in 2023
The quarantine part is accurate, and the necromancy part is funny.

Let Us Dream by Myna Chang in 2023
A beautiful poem about love lost.

Five Easy Hairstyles for Snake-Haired Girls by Jelena Dunato in 2023
A poem referencing some familiar stories.

Drunken Supernova by Keira Perkins in 2023
A poem about unsafe people and how to apologize for not understanding when you were a child.

If We Live to Be Giants by Allison Mulder in 2023
A story about claiming fatherhood.

Worlds of Possibility published:

In Case of Emergency: A Poem by Alethea Kontis in 2023
A wonderful poem about keeping life pristine.

Housecall – A Story by Christine Hanolsy in 2023
What do you do when your home is ill?

Heartbeats by Annika Barranti Klein in 2023
A story about houses with heartbeats and loving your home.

The author of this poem has an MBA from Yale by Shana Ross was published at The Citron Review in 2023.
Just vibes.

Honey In Her Hands by Devan Barlow was published at Interstellar Flight Press in January.
A really cute story.

The Key Turns Once, and Once Only by Brian Hugenbruch at ZNB Presents (behind a pay wall) in 2023.
I loved this story of salvation, religion and not-religion in a wild west setting in a sci-fi genre.

The Train Station That Knows What You Need by Dawn Vogel at The Cafe Irreal in 2023.
Do you know where you need to go? The trains do.

One and a Half Stars by Kristen Koopman was published at Baffling in 2021.
A flippant & accurate take on what it’s like to have a uterus.

Wyldblood Press published:

Swallowed by Darkness by Matt Krizan in 2022.
A story that says so much in so few words.

A Map Like Constellations by Elizabeth Broadbent in 2022.
A story about death and coming back.

hemiplegic migraine as willing human sacrifice by Ennis Rook Bashe was published at Eternal Haunted Summer in 2023.
All I can say is, holy shit. Read this poem. As a migraine sufferer, I relate.

Cords by Sarah Jackson was published at Stone Circle Review in 2023.
An unearthly creepy poem.

Be Breathing by Melissa Ren at Deadly Drabble Tuesday in 2023.
A drabble about living on above Jupiter and air quality.

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