Short Story Round-Up #80

In November, I posted twenty-one (21) stories on Mastodon and Blue Sky that were published between 2018 and November. Miss any? These are great reads!

A Girl Fights a Demon by Ruth Joffre was published at Flash Point Science Fiction in October.

When a girl summons a demon and hides them but other come to avenge the demon’s death.

The Little Time We Have by Georgia Cook was published at Baffling in 2021.

A love story about time.

The Deadlands published:

October’s Ghost by Caitlyn Paxson in 2021.

A story about how ghosts form in our lives. (CW: suicide)

Chernobyl Litany, by Gemma Files in 2021.

A poem about death from radiation.

Diabolical Plots published:

Shalom Aleichem by Y.M. Resnik in August.

An absolutely lovely story about guardian angels and having social anxiety.

Requiem by P.H. Low in September.

A story of music.

They Were Wonderful, Once by Lily Watson in June.

A vampire story that isn’t like the rest.

Sibyl Has a Heart of Gold by Shantell Powell at The Temz Review this summer.

When the heart wants what it wants.

Garage Ghost by Julia LaFond at Worlds of Possibility in October.

A flash story about ghosts being kind.

Small Wonders published

Our Days of Tear-Stained Glass by Avra Margariti in July, reprint from Baffling Magazine in 2021.

A love story written in such beautiful prose.

The Last Goodbye in the City of Electric Longing by L. M. Guay in July.

The first sentence sets the tone and the story takes off from there.

dye me with black tooth color by Devin Miller in July.

A poem dyeing clothes, but it’s never just about that.

Sunnyside Daycare Employees’ Chat Log, Post Alien Takeover by Amanda Helms in July.

A story of an alien calling on their recently quit human friend for assistance in human toddler daycare duties. A very funny read

Mid-Earth Removals Limited by R.S.A. Garcia at The Sunday Morning Transport in November.

A hilarious story about Mid-Earth residents popping into Earth on a one-way trip and what happens when one meets someone who is kind, yet bossy.

Ten Thousand Cranes by Julie Reeser at Bourben Pen

A story of fairy tales in a crumbling earth.

Partially True (But Mostly Not) by Sherin Nicole at Fireside Fiction in 2019.

A piece of flash about ourselves.

My mother was born from an apple by Tehnuka at Going Down Swinging in 2022.

A story about mothers.

Buried Conviction by Dave Ring at Speculative City in 2018.

A game that might as well just @ me, and a lot of us.

I Would by Benjamin C. Kinney at Fantasy in 2021.

How do you see your own future?

Tigers for Sale by Risa Wolf at Clarkesworld in July.

When a human allows a station to find itself.

The Constellations are Unrecognizable Here by Andrew Joseph White at Strange Horizons in 2021.

A story about two trans boys in a war-torn future.

As always, I encourage you to click through and read the stories. Some of these magazines are no longer running. All of them need your support! (Especially after some nonsense with the large river corporation.) Please read moree stories from any of the markets that you really enjoyed and consider subscribing.

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