Short Fiction Round-Up #79

I missed my October posting of September’s stories. So here are the fourteen (14) stories I suggested in both September and October. I did not post September 13 – October 25 due to some life circumstances. Nothing bad or huge or good. Just, life.

After my website upgrade, I’m still trying to figure out how to best write these posts and include images. Please excuse this image free post this time and please click through to read the stories.

After the Storm by Emma Burnett was published at Litmora Literary Magazine

How do the g-ds choose who’s in charge of Earth?

Smoke by Cheyanne Monkman at Manawaker Flash Ficton Podcast

A spec story about living with OCD

Gifts from the cyborg battlefront by Rachael K. Jones at Nature Futures

An epistolary story from a cyborg to her love, Clarissa

Built for Her by Camden Rose at Luna Station Quarterly

A sculpture and a spell to get the love of your life back

Where the Wind Blows by Jennifer Hudak at Flash Point SF

A sweet little romance

The Eight-Thousanders by Jason Sanford at Apex

Tech-bros climb Everest and encounter a vampire

When Sri Left the Ruined City by Donaya Coles at Lightspeed

What is a mortal to do amidst the war of gods?

Festival by Christine Hanolsy at Small Wonders

What do you wish for with your family?

Six Reasons Why Bots Make the Worst Asteroid Miners by Matt Bliss at Diabolical Plots

A flash piece reminiscent of Spirit

Chocolate Cake by Jennifer Wortman at 100 Word Story

A tale about cautionary tales

Honey and Apples by A. P. Howell at The Martian

A flash story about the disappearance of our natural world.

Preserving Phylais by Daniel Roman at ZNB Presents

A story about a human desire to destroy on a world where human’s have a second chance. (This one may be behind a paywall)

On a Smoke-Blackened Wing by Joanne Rixon at Diabolical Plots

A story about an entity that becomes birds and their interaction with humans

Wherein I Assess Viscount Pettigrew and Find Him an Inadequate Match by Beth Cato at kaleidotrope

A poem of a mother trying to match her daughter when the daughter sees through the men she presents.

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