Short Fiction Round-UP #77

July might have been rough to follow my short fiction recs. Mastodon was the best place to get my weekday morning suggestions reliably. I started the month on Twitter, but have since abandoned my account. Three weeks ago, I joined BlueSky and have started posting daily there – though without a scheduler, it’s a bit random throughout the day. Here are all twenty-three (23) in one place for you

A World Unto Myself by P.A. Cornell was published at Apex Magazine in June.

Smokelong Quarterly published
Lucy Ignores Death by L. Sorviero in 2020

Princess Shipwreck by Tessa Yang in 2017

Timecop Mohitos by Sarah Pauling was published at Diabolical Plots in 2022.

Metastellar published A Sampling of Seven Dragons by Mar Vincent in June.

The Haunted Tea Set by Sarah Jackson was published at Bone Parade in June.

Scrawl Place published The Clementine of Enlightenment by Monica Louzon in June.

Small Wonders published CoverLetter_Version5 by Courtney Floyd in July.

Egg / Shell by Avi Burton was published by Kaleidotrope.

Uncanny Magazine published
Tantie Merle and the Farmhand 4200 by R.S.A. Garcia in July. 
Wonderful story about an old woman and a robot becoming family.

Sinners, Saints, Dragons, and Haints, in the City Beneath the Still Waters by N. K. Jemisin in 2020.
An adventurous story in the aftermath of a hurricane with a dragon.

Terms of Service by Dominica Phettplace was published at Nightmare Magazine.
Really? Have you read the TOS?

If There’s Anyone Left published
And Again, We Try by Allison King  in 2022.
Poignant science fiction story about family immigration decisions.

River Mumma Remembers by Tonya R. Moore in June.

The Care Giver by Frances Ogamba in 2022.
​A story about a mortuary worker who sees the ghosts of the bodies he works on.

The Sigilist’s Notes on the Fell Lord’s Staff by Stephen Granade was published at Baffling Magazine in 2021.
​This poetic story shows what happens when you know a person’s true name.

Strange Horizons published The Whale Shark’s Stars by Dawn Vogel in July.
This poem uses beautiful imagery of astronomy as if stars were created by the skin of a whale shark.

The Hamster Machine by Andrew Kozma was published by ergot. 
What happens when you need a lot of hamsters?

LatineLit published @kittypooka by Miguel Montevista 
A historical fiction during the pandemic in which a man experiences life altering events regarding ancient religions.

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