Short Fiction Round-Up #76

In June I posted twenty-one (21) story for followers to read. Here they are all rounded up!

Hibernation Heirloom by Chelsea Mueller was published by The Sunday Morning Transport in June.

Baffling Magazine published
Gastronomie Mort by Gerri Leen in 2021

Beyond the Veil by J. Kosakowski in 2021

the ending by Gwynne Garfinkle was published by The Deadlands in 2021.

Wyldblood Press published
Unbounded by Bridget Haug in 2022

Artificial Autonomy by Helena Pantsis in 2022

Soulbirds by Sylvia Heike was published by Apparition Lit in February.

Apex Magazine published A World Unto Myself by P.A. Cornell in June.

Augur by Sarah Pauling was published by Luna Station Quarterly in 2019.

Speculative City published Immortal Decision by Erin Lale in 2018.

Muneera and the Moon by Sonia Sulaiman was published by Fiyah in 2021.

If There’s Anyone Left published The Flowers I Grew for Her by Avra Margariti in 2020.

Barter Queen (Artemis Rising 5) by Sarah Pauling was published by Cast of Wonders in 2019.

Daily Science Fiction published A Heart, An Egg, A Lock of Hair by Kelly Sandoval in 2017.

…for a Black girl by Janine Blue was published by The Forge in 2022.

Eternal Haunted Summer published Beneath an Unknown Sky by Dawn Vogel in June.

Bootleg Jesus by Tonya Liburd was published by Diabolical Plots in 2019.

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