Short Fiction Round-Up #73

In March, I suggested eighteen (18) stories. I took the last week of March off from story suggestions due to various and sundry life stuff. Nothing major. Just enough to keep me from getting stories out via social media.
I also removed my personal Facebook page which also removed my ability to post to my author Facebook page. Right now, you can only get my suggested stories and announcement via my Newsletter, here at my blog, on Twitter (yes, still), Mastodon, and Tumblr.

The Truth of Their Tunes by Dawn Vogel was published at Wyngraf in March.

The Spoil Heap by Fiona Moore was published at Clarkesworld in March.

Great Mother Broth by Sarah Jackson was published by Translunar Travelers Lounge in February

Home Isn’t by Kelly Sandoval was published at Flash Fiction Online in 2014

Escape Pod published Triptych by Avi Burton in March

A Princess with a Nose Three Ells Long by Malda Marlys was published by Fantasy in February

Cossmass Infinities published Carrying Stones by Avi Burton in February

We Died Sleeping by Andrew Kozma was published by ergot

Cat Rambo published an Untitled Poem from Seven Years Ago (in 2022) on their patreon

Cover Your Eyes by Ai Jiang was published by Planet Scumm in March

I hope you enjoy these stories, mostly from this year. See you on the next first Monday of the month for another short fiction round-up.

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