Short Fiction Round-Up #72

In February, I suggested nineteen (19) short stories for readers to check out. If you missed them on Twitter, Mastodon, Facebook, or Tumblr, here they are in one list. This is not the order I posted them in. This groups magazines together.

L’Alchimista by N.K. Jemison was published by Escape Pod in 2006. Listen or read on the website.

PodCastle published Red Riding-Hood’s Child by N.K. Jemison in 2008. Listen or read on the website.

365tomorrows published:
Deathmatch by Chana Kohl in 2022
Moondust by Chana Kohl in 2021

Loneliness Is in Your Blood by Cadwell Turnbull was published by Nightmare Magazine in 2017.

Daily Science Fiction published:
Chick Lit by Keyan Bowes in 2010
Wings for Icarus by P. Djélí Clark in 2011

Up In Smoke by Nicky Drayden was published by Cabinet des Fées in 2010.

Smokelong Quarterly published Twenty-Five Minute Wait by Megan Giddings in 2013.

For Valentine’s Day, I suggested A Valentine by Edgar Allan Poe as shared by Poe Fortnightly.

I hope you enjoyed these stories. Suggestions pop-up at 8a.m. weekdays on my social media platforms.

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