Short Fiction Round-Up #71

In January, I suggested twenty-two (22) short stories by other authors for readers on my various social media. Every weekday at 8:00 am on Twitter, Facebook, Mastodon, and Tumblr I post these links (see connected social media on sidebar for links). I do this because if you like what I like to read, though I’m aware my tastes are pretty wide and eclectic, you might also enjoy my writing. I don’t have a ton of it published yet. There’s also so much incredible writing and many incredible stories out there, I want readers to get a sampling of stories and maybe find new writers to follow and new magazines to subscribe to.
With that said, I point out, as I have in the past, that I do not wish to promote problematic people or magazines. Please let me know if one of those exists in my suggestions. Feel free to comment on a blog post, on a social media post, send me an email, or a DM. 
This particular reminder comes up due to a discussion in a group of short fiction writers about such markets. 

How science saved the world by Kim Stanley Robinson was published by Nature: Future in 2000.
A profile of a person looks left while a hemisphere divided into satellites, night sky, day sky, and greenery to the right.

Credit: JACEY

Smokelong Quarterly published He Called Me Honeybunch by Karen Serk Chio in 2015.

The Cat of Lin Villa by Megan Chee was published by Cast of Wonders in 2022.

Flash Fiction Online published It Begins with RAVEN by Jenn Reese in 2022.

Paper and Pencil by Andrew Griffin was published by The Dread Machine in 2022.

Hungry Shadow Press published Trapping Santa by Warren Benedetto in 2022.

The Front Line by W.C. Dunlap was published by in 2020.

Fantasy Magazine published Broodmare by Flossie Arend in January.  

Slow-Roasted Tenderloin by L.L. Garland was published by deathcap and hemlock in 2022.

kaleidotrope published How a Xenomorph Knows by Annika Barranti Klein in 2022.

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Between the Stones and the Stars by A.L. Goldfuss was published by Lightspeed in January.

The Maul published A Hand to Hold, a Mouth to Speak by Ai Jiang in January.

Curses and Cake by Sarah Beth Durst was published by The Sunday Morning Transport in 2022.

Fireside Fiction published Song of the Balsa Wood Bird by Katherine Quevedo in 2022.

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