Short Fiction Round-Up #70

I took the last week of the year for writing and reading reflection, planning my next year, and overall re-centering myself. Today, I have seventeen (17) stories for you to check out if you missed them when I posted on social media.

What the Goulah Said on Thursday of the Dead by Sonia Sulaiman was published by Seize the Press in 2022.

Luna Station Quarterly published The Warrior Tree by Chana Kohl in 2022.

The Catfish Sisters by Lisa M. Bradley was published by Mermaids Monthly in 2021.

Daily Science Fiction published Hidden Treasure by Cislyn Smith in 2022. 

Girls with Needles and Frost by Jenny Rae Rappaport was published by Beneath Ceaseless Skies in 2020.

Apparition Literary Magazine published Silver Bells by Jaime Marvin in 2022. 

Medusa and Herophile by L.M. Spann was published by Cul-de-Sac of Blood in 2022.

I Am a Little Hotel by Ai Jiang was published in Uncanny Magazine in 2022.

The Dread Machine published A Mortal in Armour, Among Immortals Walking by Ai Jiang in 2022.

The Restaurant of Object Permanence by Beth Goder was published by Diabolical Plots in 2022.

Flash Fiction Online published Lost and Found at the Center of the Universe by Bo Balder in 2022.

Palette by J.L. Kiefer was published by Pseudopod in 2022.

Happy New Year! I hope to suggest many more stories in 2023.

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