Short Fiction Round-Up #69

In November, between social media meltdowns and power outages and holidays, I was a bit chaotic in my suggested story posts. I have twelve (12) stories for today’s blog post, in case you missed my various social media. Several, not all, were featured in Lauren Ring’s Short Fiction Fridays, where I first heard of them. I recommend subscribing to her weekly newsletter for more great selections. 

We, the Girls Who Did Not Make It by E.A. Petricone was published in Nightmare in 2021. It is a spine-chilling tale and it’s likely to make my next newsletter highlights. Hat tip to Lauren Ring’s Short Fiction Fridays where I learned of this story.

The Sprawl Magazine published What Not to Do When You’re Polymorphed and Stuck in a Time Warp by Stewart C. Baker in October. Just a fun little romp! 

Sounds Like Forever by Josh Roundtree was published by The Bourbon Penn in September. This story overcame several of my DNF checkboxes to become a suggested story. It’s just really well done.

The Arcanist published Head in the Grave, Listening by Elizabeth Guilt in October. I like the slight open-endedness of it.

If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love by Rachel Swirsky was published by Apex Magazine in 2013. This is another that I learned of from Lauren Ring’s Short Fiction Fridays. This story is about expressing your love in the face of grief.

Fantasy Magazine published

Quantum Eurydice by Avi Burton in October, a story about Eurydice in time.

The Werewolf and the Fox Spirit Are Neighbors by Amy Johnson in November, a poem about becoming friends.

You Are Cordially Invited to an Evening of Horror at the Secret Hills Golf and Country Club by Madeline Ashby was published by The Sunday Morning Transport in October. The growing sense of dread in this story was perfect, especially right at Halloween.

Lightspeed published The Equations of the Dead by An Owomoyela in 2021, a story about love and death. I learned about this story from Lauren Ring’s Short Fiction Fridays.

Travel Guide to Spaceport Rest Stops by Seoung Kim was published by If There’s Anyone Left in January. This story is a story by reviews. I really love stories in this format. 

Flash Fiction Online published A Menagerie of Grief by Kelly Sandoval in 2016. The analogy of how people hand their grief and how it can hurt those you love, the ones also grieving, is amazing. 

Merbraids by Amal El-Mohtar, Caitlyn Paxson, and Jessica P. Wick was published in 2021 by Mermaids Monthly. Having recently finished Under the Drowning Sea by Mira Grant, this poem about Sirens was a perfect follow-up.

Bonus: I wrote today’s blogpost like this:
Picture of a white and red Boston Terrier laying on a thigh covered in blue leggings and the corner of a laptop.

Peaches lays on my knee while I balance my laptop to write this blog post.

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