Short Fiction Round-up #66

These are supposed to post on the first Monday of the month, but yesterday was a Holiday in the US and I really wanted to work on my current project instead of blog. First Tuesday of the month after a US Holiday is going to be good this time. 

I’ve got twenty-one (21) stories for you from the month of August.

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​A Personal Apocalypse by Leon Othenin-Gerard
was published by Apparition Lit in July.

Solarpunk Magazine published 

The Brave Dress by Starhawk
in Jan/Feb

​Flora 2.0 by Coral Alejandra Moore
 in Jan/Feb

The Earthquakes are Coming by Ai Jiang was published by The Puritan Magazine in August.

All That Burns Unseen by Premee Mohamed was published by Slate in July.

The Sun and the Sweet, Black Earth by Sarah Jackson published by Lavendar Bones in August.

Fireside Fiction is coming to a close soon and Daily Science Fiction is going on an extended or permanent break. Both used to send my stories into my inbox. I visit many speculative fiction magazines, but few send stories in their newsletters regularly. They tend to pick favorites (much like I do in my newsletter). Send me your favorite magazines, especially if they have email newsletters with their stories.

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