Short Fiction Round-Up #60

I started posting daily stories for people to read in April again. Here are the three stories posted last week.

The Music Station by Amanda Saville was published by Apex Books and Magazines Patreon in March. I was in a workshop wtih Amanda and I’m still thinking about the story I read by her. This piece of flash is absolutely beautiful.

Daily Science Fiction published When It Pours by Carol Scheina in February. I always think stories about luck are interesting. 

Kindly, Stop for Me by K.M. Veohongs was published by Translunar Travelers Lounge in February. This story is absolutely heart-wrenching. I did not expect the ending. 

Randomly, I decided to make a little comment about each of the stories this time. I will try to do that henceforth-just a line on why I picked it. Some weeks it may get skipped, some stories it may get skipped. But I hope it adds to your enjoyment. 

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