Short Fiction Round-Up #58

Yet again, I’m behind on my blog summary of short stories. Here you go from the past two weeks!

Second Death Services by by Shondra Snodderly was published by Speculative City in 2019.

Felt Along the Seam by Kelly Sandoval was published by Flash Fiction Online in 2020.

If There’s Anyone Left published
Nine Lives by P.A. Cornell in January
The Best Latkes on the Moon by Lauren Ring in 2020

One Hundred Seconds to Midnight by Lauren Ring was published by Escape Pod in 2021.

Baffling Magazine published Pod 530217-A by Emma Lindhagen in 2021.

Babang Luksa by Nicasio Andres Reed was published by Reckoning in February.

Not a Basking Shark by Hesper Leveret was published by Fireside Fiction in February.

Apex published The Patchwork Girl by M. Elizabeth Tricknor in February. 

Cure for Tears by by Avra Margariti was published at Pidgeon Holes in February. 

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