Short Fiction Round-Up #50

This is the last short fiction round-up of the year! I’ll post again in a week, but we’ll be in 2022! I had a good time with this week’s stories. I’m drifting into reading and enjoying horror and horror-adjacent stories a little more this season.

I’m Not Ready to Leave by Zion Mc Neil was published by Mermaids Monthly in November.

Three-Lobed Burning Eye Magazine (3LBE) published Saturn is Devouring His Children by Shannon Peavey in August. 

How to Win a Dragon’s Heart by Acin Fals was published by Daily Science Fiction this month.

Clarkesworld published The Failed Dianas by Monique Laban in February.

Tablecloth by Kathryn Kania was published by Fireside in 2018.

Uncanny Magazine published Badass Moms in the Zombie Apocalypse by Rae Carson in 2020.

The Flight of the Grackles by Joel Page was published by Speculative City in 2019.

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