Short Fiction Round-Up #49

I forgot to write last week’s short fiction round-up, so today is both last week’s and this week’s stories.

Seven Steps to Immortality by Jennifer Brozek was published by Daily Science Fiction in November.

Strange Horizons published Magnificent Pigs by Cat Rambo in 2006.

In the Field Where Stories Meet by Virginia M. Mohlere was published by Fireside Fiction in November.

Mermaids Monthly published Babysitting a Kraken by AJ Hartson and Wakey Nelson in November.

No Sun to Guide the Way by Steve Toase was published by Speculative City in 2020.

Fantasy Magazine published The Woman With No Face by A.L. Goldfuss in April.

Open House on Haunted Hill by John Wiswell was published by Diabolical Plots in 2020.

Mermaids Monthly published Cupid Under the Sea by Debra Goelz in November.

Shaken Loose by Emmie Christie was published by 3LBE Magazine in August. 

Speculative City published Descent into the Archives by Dennis Mombauer in 2020.

They Call It Hipster Heaven by Lauren Ring was published by The Deadlands in September.

Fireside Fiction published Mother Tongue by Jessica Cho in 2019.

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