Short Fiction Round-Up #42

I apologize for the delay in my weekly short fiction round-up. I’ve been having some issues with my primary computer, which I referenced about six weeks ago. Here it is now! Seven stories for your reading enjoyment.

Fragments by Anthony Rivera published at Daily Science Fiction. 

Constelación published Apolo Licio, Apolo Veráva by Teresa P. Mira de Echeverría and translated by Art Sierra, 5285 words.

Apex Magazine published Security Breach at Sugar Pine Suites by Pamela Rentz, 4179 words.

This is How You Make Selkie Skins by Priya Sridhar was published by Mermaids Monthly in July.

A Nereid’s Guide to the Underworld by E. Catherine Tobler was published by Mermaids Monthly in August.

Hopefully the repairs on my primary computer will be done quickly and I will be able to stay on top of social media and blog posts. 

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