Short Fiction Round-Up #39

Resuming my weekly blog summaries of short stories for the week. My latop is still broken. I’m waiting to send it back for repair. I’m sure you’ll notice when there’s a blip in my postings. This week I have seven excellent stories for you.

When You Came Back by Lynette Mejia was published in July by Daily Science Fiction.

Mermaids Monthly published Girlfriend Jacket by Benny Kim in July.

Those Who Remembered by Lush Horizon was published by Speculative City in 2020.

MoonPark Review published Phantom Captured on the AM Radio by Rob Parrish in 2017.

With Love, Moon by Euginia E. Grotto was published by Smokelong Quarterly in 2003.

Fireside Fiction published At the Intersection of Light and Sound by Michelle Mellon in February.

The Ones Who Stay and Fight by N.K. Jemisin was published by Lightspeed in 2018.

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