Short Fiction Round-Up #37

I’ve got seven stories for you this week. Two at the end are by the same author as I came across those about the same time, but since they’re in different outlets, met my goal to post any particular outlet only once per week. I’m not always able to meet this goal.

Forest Thing by Endria Isa Richardson was published by Fireside Fiction in July. It’s about a 15-minute read.

Daily Science Fiction published Parallel Lifetimes by C.J. Heckman in June.

Response to My Husband on a Sunday Afternoon by Erin Schallmoser was published by MoonPark Review this summer.

Translunar Travelers Lounge published Chroma Charm by Diane Callahan in February of 2020.

At the Mouth of the Sea by Tamara Jerée was published by Mermaids Monthly in June.

Persistent Visions published Etruscan Sugar by Anya Johanna DeNiro in 2016.

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