Short Fiction Round-Up #36

Welcome to the thirty-sixth short fiction round-up of short ficiton on this blog! Disclaimer, I know every author, except Gwynne Garfinkle, through a writers discord (not all from the same group.)
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The Gannet Girl by Frances Rowat was published by Podcastle in August. 

Apex Magazine published Survival, After by Nicole J. LeBoeuf in August, a 17-minute read. 

Sinking, Swimming by Gwynne Garfinkle was published by Mermaids Monthly in May. 

khoréō published Our Bones Were the Mortar by Anjali Patel, a 1500-word story, in August.

Cracked by Emma Louise Gill was published on her website in August. 

50 word stories published How Our Local Wine Bar Ended Up on the Ghost Tour by Sarah Jackson. Disclaimer: I had the opportunity to give some input about this title and had a fun discussion about it!

Unfinished Business by Sarah Jackson was published by The Drabble in July.

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