National Poetry Month 2023 Poems

April 2023 was National Poetry Month

I am a member of a poetry discord that focuses on speculative poetry as a place for speculative poets to meet and get critiques and learn about markets to submit to. They also welcome readers, which is generally how I consider my relationship to poetry.
However, for National Poetry Month, we were invited to write a haiku or other poem each day and post it. It was quite fun and the comraderie about our poems was wonderful. I participated, even though I am no poet. Here are my attempts at poetry each day but two of April 2023.

1st, haiku

​I have done my chores
Foundation, glue, pound-pound, frames
The bees will be pleased

2nd, limerick

​For the 2nd of April, I wanted to try
A limerick in the hopes it would not make me cry.
Alas, a poet, I am not, I admit!
Perhaps my poetry marks me a misfit.
Still, I will persist, and aim for the sky.

3rd, tanka

​Today is so rough
I canceled an appointment
Only to notice
I canceled the wrong session
After an email from him

5th, haiku

​Sometimes you live with
Attention sucking monsters
Who won’t let you write

6th, tanka

​Sometimes a series 
hasn’t aged very well but
a new book release
still soothes your soul because the
characters are beloved.

7th, haiku

​Ahsoka trailer 
means a Rebels rewatch is 
in Order. Ghost team.

8th, haiku

​Under the wire
To write my daily haiku
At least it is done

9th, tanka

​My cherry tree blooms
Later than other local
Blossoms but I still
Appreciate its efforts,
Sakura, photo attached
Picture: A lone cherry blossom on a cherry blossom tree, wet with raindrops against a grey sky.

A lone cherry blossom on a cherry blossom tree, wet with raindrops. Photo by Adria Bailton

10th, haiku

​Put day job on hold
Planned to paint, rainy, wrote words
Started new novel

11th, haiku

​Today is a day
For writing: Daily poem
A haiku, 3-k

12th, haiku

​Shoulder stole or dog?
Boston terrier says why
Not both? I say, Ouch.
Picture: A grey and black brindle French Bulldog and red and white Boston terrier pose for a photo on a beige carpet.

Sparky and Peaches, Photo by Adria Bailton

13th, limerick

​What to do with ye old hair?
How do we make the lady look fair?
Shall we put it in a bun?
What if she goes on the run?
Be careful lest she end up all bare!

14th, haiku

​Seven-fifty is
My goal. Have I started yet?
No. Haiku is done.

15th, haiku

​I wish Clarion
West all the best; it seems I
Am not for them now.

16th, haiku

​Rain is a strong word
For the weather. But it is
Not dry from the sky.

17th, haiku

​Do you make playlists?
My phone: new-fangled mix-tapes 
Digital cassettes

18th, haiku based upon predictive text

​He was like, oh yeah 
but that’s okay I’m going 
back out and get my
(hair straightened finished the line)

19th, haiku

​A concert last night
Sleeping in, yard work today
All my words written

20th, haiku

​Some days swallow you
Whole. Minutes pass faster than
They should. Then loss comes.

21st, haiku

​Today’s haiku is
An ode to Taskmaster and
How it made me smile

23rd, haiku

​Sleep, fuzzy brain, sleep
No haiku, tanka, or a
Poem yesterday

24th, haiku

​Your shoulder and its 
blade are supposed to function
Separately. Unfreeze.

25th, haiku

​Shitty day at work
Come home, check email. Day gets
Better. Acceptance!

26th, haiku

​Why is this week so
Slow? Today felt like Friday. 
But it’s just Wednesday.

27th, haiku

​Hoo-ray! It’s Thursday!
The slow week is coming to
An end. I’m relieved.

28th, haiku

​First night this spring warm
Enough to sit on my deck,
write and enjoy life

29th, haiku

​The end of the month
Is near. A poem per day
Has been excellent.

30th, haiku

​The month ends with a
Haiku about how I hit
My hand with a mall-

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